TSI Western Star offers premium new and used trucks, glider kits and Serco loaders for owner-operators, premium vocational and specialty / extreme vocations.

Why TSI Sales Department?

  • Bill Moore, Co-owner of Truck Specialists Inc. has over thirty years experience in the industry as a highly skilled mechanic, service manager and salesman. He is dedicated to providing quality products & reliable service. His dedication and commitment to his family, customers, vendors and employees has earned a highly respectable reputation for his company.
  • Customized specs for a variety of vocations
  • If we don't have it we can get it for you
  • We'll help you sell your truck
  • We take trades
  • Good customer service. Our owners and employees empower a high level of integrity and dedication to doing a superior job.
  • We make it our priority to "treat others as we wish to be treated".

What We Offer

Western Star

Western Star offers the 4900 FA, 4900 SA, 4900 EX, and 6900 XD models for three key segments:

Owner-Operator -- Western Star has tremendous customer loyalty and pride of ownership and offers three premium models to those looking for a rugged and great-looking truck: the set-forward 4900 FA; the set-back 4900 SA, with super visibility hood; and the 4900 EX extended, conventional hood. Constructed with superior craftsmanship and featuring a spacious, quiet cab, all of the models are available with several custom options including the LowMax package and five Stratosphere sleeper sizes.

Premium Vocational -- For the toughest jobs, Western Star offers a full line of rugged premium vocational trucks for applications including, dump, logging, and heavy haul. The 4900 FA, 4900 SA, and 4900 EX can all be customized to meet the specific demands of any over-the-road application.

Specialty/Extreme -- For extreme applications when the ordinary rules of tonnage and terrain cease to apply, Western Star offers custom-built high-performance trucks. The 4900 SA can be used for severe mixer, military, oilfield, snowplow, and railway maintenance applications; the 4900 FA is ideal for severe mixer applications; and the 6900 XD, which was built to handle the toughest severe-duty applications, is perfect for the most challenging military, oilfield, and mining jobs

Western Star Gliders

A glider kit is a complete cab, front axle, chassis including battery box, air tanks, fuel tank(s) and all chassis air lines installed and plumbed (where applicable). Glider must have a minimum of (2) customer furnished major (drive-train) components consisting of engine, transmission or rear axle.

Whether you're updating an older vehicle, needing to make an application conversion or looking to standardize a large fleet, a Glider Kit is a smart business decision. Glider Kits provide a cost-effective way for you to update equipment, saving up-to 50% off the cost of a comparable new truck.

Why Western Star Glider Kits?

  • Custom Built
    • All models of Western Star gliders are available in the 4900 and 6900 series.
    • Exact Specs
    • The customer can spec a vehicle tailored precisely to their needs rather than a used truck compromise.
    • Gliders ordered to the customer's exact specifications will be built in the Western Star manufacturing plant.
    • Use your components, Reman components or a combination of the two.
    • Pre-EGR factory Remanufactured engines with warranties are available.
      • Remanufactured Engines are Available from DDC & MBE in 1998 and 2004 EPA format, CUM/CAT in 1998 only.MBE currently offers 4000, & 900 series remanufactured engines.
    • New Factory rear axles can also be ordered installed.
    • All options available for a "New" truck are available to be specified and factory installed on a new glider kit except restricted by EPA year and chassis or model.
  • Control Downtime
    • TSI has donor chassis to obtain components and they will take your present truck in trade so you can continue running until your glider is built.
    • The completeness of Western Star Glider Kits reduces assembly down-time, maintenance costs and provides state-of-the-art efficiency.
    • Parts contained in the loose parts box and the reduced assembly time because of how complete the glider kit comes from the factory and is built to current model year standards.
  • Potential Tax Savings
    • As many truck owners know, when you buy a glider you can usually avoid paying F.E.T. charges, however you should always consult a tax advisor for how the rules may affect your purchase. The main rule in regards to the purchase of a glider kit is – The total cost, including parts and installation cannot exceed 75% of the cost of a comparable full truck. Please see IRS revenue ruling 91-27 for additional information visit or consult your tax advisor.
  • Reduced Operating Costs
    • Price - Lower Initial Cost
    • Higher Resale
    • Western Star Glider Kits provide more for the dollar than any other OEM.
    • In addition, you receive a New Truck Warranty and the reliability of a new truck.
  • Financing
    • Most financial institutions recognize glider kits as a viable business option. Many financial institutions will accept customer furnished components as a down payment. Daimler Truck Financial offers an attractive program for gliders.
    • Glider kits offer the advantage of lower monthly payments compared to new trucks. In some cases, customer components can be used for the down payment to the financing source.
  • Satisfaction
    • Driver Satisfaction
    • A new truck built from a glider kit will give you peace of mind knowing you have reliable equipment that can be used to better serve your transportation needs.

Serco Loaders

Serco Model 8500

The SERCO 8500 has become one of the most versatile loaders in our lineup. Not only a popular loader in the Forestry markets it has quickly become the material handler of choice for waste handling, rail, pipe and scrap applications.


Avg. Lift Capacity (Less Attachment)
8500 lbs @ 10'

Boom Data
22' Knuckle Boom extensions to 28'
Lightweight high strength steel
2-1/2" high strength pivot pins
Aluminum bronze pivot bushings

Boom Cylinders
(1) 5-1/2" x 36" x 3"
(1) 5" x 35-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Double acting with ductile iron internal
components and hard chrome plated shafts

Continuous Rotation
27" rotation bearing powered by a single hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox

Telescoping A-frame type
117-3/4" spread at grade level
Double acting 3-1/2" x 44" x 2" cylinders

Tandem hydraulic system providing 30 & 30 GPM
Stack type control valves with folding joystick controls
50 gallon A-frame reservoir.

Sales Manager
Bill Moore
330-538-3850 ext 15

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